The Silent Knights (Tag: [sK], suffix) are an imperial gaming/chatting clan organized over a multitude of games, primarily Starcraft Broodwar.

It started in August of 2003 originally as a reincarnation of its predecessor clan, Silent Assassins (Tag: s)A-, prefix). After the death of Silent Assassins, many members were reinstated into the new clan. They have since then been active in both USWest and USEast servers on, a Blizzard online service for multiplayer gaming.

Early HistoryEdit

The Silent Knights were founded by [[X[sK]]] and UnNaMeD[sK] during the Second Classic Age of societies. From the beginning, it was equipped with an official Clan channel and a website for use by the members. The clan immediately flourished, and it had one of its highest recruitment rates at this time. The website had a large forum/member login base and began its climb towards the top of the Starcraft 200 list. Because of the high amount of loyal members from the original clan, it had a jumpstart to power. Because of this rapid ascension, it gained attention from other clans at the time. Imperial Army had a large amount of influence on Silent Knights due to its organizational structure and its core philosophies.

At this time, Clan NuKe initiated the sK-Nuke conflict.

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