External Conflicts and Clan WarsEdit

Silent Knights - NuKe ConflictEdit

Silent Knighs - FoRSaKeN ConflictEdit

Silent Knights - [77] ConflictEdit

Internal ConflictsEdit

Dark ExodusEdit

USEast and USWest InstabilityEdit

Clan HacKEdit

In May, 2005, changes in [sK] leadership and structure infuriate many members, causing them to sever ties with [sK] immediately, spawning several more breakoff clans and the largest lapse in members since the Dark Exodus.

Clan HacK was the dominant Anti-[sK] nexus at this time, taking many former leaders into its fold. As a result, the Silent Knights implement an "Anti-HacK" policy. This prevents members that quit the clan from rejoining to keep dissidents from coming back, to keep the clan safe, and to punish those that quit.

Notable members resignations due to HacKEdit

- Brandon[sK] and Emo_pimpin[sK] creates Clan HacK.

- FallenHer0[sK] resigns from sK as Lieutenant General to join Clan HcK.

- Ziian[sK] resigns from sK as Brigadier General.

- Vi]2.u[sK] resigns from sK as Brigadier General to join Clan HcK.

- DarkArtanis[sK] resigns from sK to join Clan HcK.

- Dragon[sK] resigns from sK to join Clan HcK.

- Incognito[sK] resigns from sK to join Clan HcK.

- X-TheOnly-X[sK] resigns from sK to join Clan HcK.

- Couch[sK] resigns from sK to join Clan HcK.

- Knocks[sK] resigns from sK to join Clan HcK.


The changes were repealed months later, and most of the protesting members eventually rejoined. The Anti-HacK policy was then abolished in June, 2005

Clan uKEdit

A small break-off of Clan [sK] formed into clan uK, which we feel attempted to steal members from Silent Knights, but eventually were proved to have just been followers of the person(s) making the new clan. Anyone from uK was banned from all official [sK] activities, Showing our lack of respect for peoples singularity and free will.

Warrior Nation conflictEdit

Warrior Nation could never be better than us even though they always were =(

The DepressionEdit

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