In July of 2005 of the Silent Knight's History a governmental change was put into place. The power was spread between federal and divisional jurisdictions. Games were now separated into formal "Divisions" With a designated Colonel to lead each of them.


The Starcraft-Broodwar(SCBW) Division was among the first to be formed with the government's change in power. Led by Colonel X-TheOnly-X[sK], her guiding hand led the Division to the top, where it resides today. The Starcraft Division is now currently led by Colonel Hellomissy[sK] and Lieutenant Colonel Crazybunny[sK]

Division ActivitiesEdit

The SCBW Division is always active with activities, current and new.

sK UMS NightEdit

sK UMS Night or Game Night, occurs every Friday night. Custom games such as Phantom, Poker Defense, and Tower Defense are held. sK Starcraft gamers get together for a fun inhouse of games, and light conversation. Original Concept by Tarquin999[sK] and several fellow officers at the time.

sK TournamentsEdit

Hosted by Hellomissy[sK], sK tournaments are a frequent sight on the Clan's Forums. The Tournament is a single elimination battle to conquer the other members.


The sKpgs was founded by Trance[sK] in October of 2007. The sKpgs is "A team of dedicated members that put a high value on learning and growing in their knowledge of Starcraft and how to become a pro gamer." The group actively participated in inhouses, tournaments, and Clan Wars. After many months of glory skpgs had slowly started to die. There is no current/offical statement, but the skpgs sub-forum hasn't had a post in weeks.

Previous LeadersEdit

Starcraft-Broodwar has had numerous leaders over the course of the Divisional System's installment, these leaders are...

  • -Colonel X-TheOnly-X[sK]
  • -President X[sK]
  • -Colonel Trance[sK](2)
  • -Colonel Scwintz[sK]
  • -Colonel SniperSteve[sK](2)
  • -Colonel Evil-Lurker[sK]
  • -Colonel Hellomissy[sK](Current)

Diablo II-Lord of DestructionEdit

Along with the Starcraft-Broodwar others were created as well. Including the Diablo II-Lord of Destruction(D2LOD) division. With the original leader Deported[sK], the division was led to glory and success however, recent times has brought it the worst scenario it has ever been in.

The Fall of Diablo IIEdit

After the final Colonel ODiE[sK] went Inactive for an undesignated period of time the Division fell upon hard times, and kept falling. It hit an all time low amount of members and didn't stop there. With no leader, the member count eventually hit one, the Inactive ODiE himself. With his spare time ODiE attempts to rise Diablo II to it's former glory with little success, and just as little hope.

Previous LeadersEdit

As with SCBW Diablo II has seen it's multiple leaders as well. However, there is no current Colonel or formal leader.

  • -Colonel DePoRtEd[sK]
  • -Colonel Xioden[sK]
  • -Colonel Kooldude[sK]
  • -Colonel Illusion[sK]
  • -Colonel DaFatman[sK](ODiE)

Warcraft Three-The Frozen ThroneEdit

Warcraft Three-The Frozen Throne(WC3TFT) is among the original gaming divisions the first leader of Colonel oLp[sK]. Warcraft Three may have never at the top of member count, it has always been the most proud at what they do, and who they are. The proudest of all being Colonel Slayer[sK] Division Leader of Warcraft Three.


No matter the rise and fall of the Warcraft Three division one thing always remained. The game of DOTA will always live on in the sK inhouses. sK plays DOTA on a regular basis nearly every night there are enough people to have a full inhouse. Clan members play together, and train those less experienced than themselves.

Previous LeadersEdit

Warcraft Three has had many leaders in the past of which they are.

  • -Colonel oLp[sK]
  • -Colonel Viper_tron[sK]
  • -Colonel Nameless[sK]
  • -Colonel Gothmog[sK]
  • -Colonel Slayer[sK] (Current)
  • -Colonel Blackhound[sK]

Counter StrikeEdit

Started in the July 2005 creation of Divisions, Colonel Vi][sK] leads the first formal Counterstrike Division into the battle of Terrorists and Counter Terrorists. And continues to do so today.

The Rise Fall and Rise again ofEdit

After the departure of Vi][sK], and the Inactivity of H.E.L.P.M.E, Counterstrike was left leaderless for months, eventually dropping as a division as a whole. However, the recent return of Vi][sK] to The Silent Knights has revitalized the Division.

Previous LeadersEdit

The Counterstrike Division's many leaders are.

  • -Colonel Vi][sK] (Current)
  • -Colonel 4space[sK]
  • -Colonel ArchAngel[sK]
  • -Colonel -| Blaze |-[sK]
  • -Colonel Perfect[sK]
  • -Colonel Stream[sK]
  • -Colonel Razu[sK]

Rune ScapeEdit

Started by Colonel SilentDeath[sK] in August 2005. Rune Scape has had more than it's fair share of ups and downs. And is currently being led to success by Colonel Inferni[sK]

Rune Scape's Rises and FallsEdit

Rune Scape rose in August 2005 and continued to be successful under Colonel SilentDeath[sK] through July of 2006. It crashed hard in August of 2006 and was untouched for over a year. Then in August 2007 Anti-Aid[sK] and Lenne[sK] revived the division. It was passed in September 2007. Anti-Aid and Lenne left the clan shortly, and Inferni[sK] picked up where the two left off.

Previous LeadersEdit

RuneScape has had not nearly as many leaders as other divisions but they are to be recognized for their hard work within the clan.

  • -Colonel SilentDeath[sK] (2)
  • -Colonel Anti-Aid[sK]
  • -Colonel Inferni[sK] (Current)

World of Warcraft DivisionEdit

Chase[sK] created the first World of Warcraft Division in July 2006, as a Alliance PVP Guild it soon grew more than that. It is currently under the lead of Colonel Ice[sK]

The Quiet World of WarcraftEdit

Even in the confines of the sK history little is recorded of the World of Warcraft Division.

Previous LeadersEdit

There are only two recorded leaders of the World of Warcraft Divisions. The others, are lost in history.

  • -Colonel Chase[sK]
  • -Colonel Ice[sK]

Xbox DivisionEdit

Counter Strike SourceEdit

While this Division is dead, it was once flourishing under Ransom[sK]. Many attempts to revive it have been made and are still going on. They are, as of late, unsuccessful, many hope to change that.

Warrant Officer DivisionEdit

Started in November 2007 by Noah[sK], the Warrant Officer Division(WoD) is the only non-gaming formal group not classified as a Special Force. The Warrant Officer Division if charged with the training of Warrant Officers to correctly do their job assigned to them according to rank, as well as learn to lead as an officer. The Division is running smoothly through the guidance Colonel Noah[sK] and Lieutenant Colonels DarkTang[sK] and Numb[sK]

After this division started there has been a positive rate of members joining. With the leader(s)

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