The Silent Knights MembersEdit

Members of the Silent Knights are recruited through the Warrant Officers of sK. Every member has the potential to go far. Here is the list of just how far these members have come.


-President Anthony[sK]
-Vice President Incognito[sK]

The GeneralsEdit

-Lieutenant General Blackhound[sK]
-Lieutenant General Wolf[sK]
-Brigadier General dArKsKuLl[sK]
-Brigadier General FallenHero[sK]
-Brigadier General SilentDeath[sK]
-Brigadier General Trance[sK]
-Brigadier General Ziian[sK]

Divisional LeadersEdit

-Colonel H.E.L.P.M.E of the Counter-Strike Division
-Hellomissy[sK] of the Starcraft Division
-Inferni[sK] of the Runescape Divsion
-Noah[sK] of the Warrant Officer Division
-Slayer[sK] of the Warcraft Three Division
-Trigun[sK] of the XBox Division
-Vi]2.uS[sK] of the Counter-Strive Source Division

Assistant Division LeadersEdit

-Lieutenant Colonel BATMAN[sK] of the Counter-Strike Division
-Lieutenant Colonel Crazybunny[sK] of the Starcraft Division
-Lieutenant Colonel DarkTank[sK] of the Warrant Officer Division
-Lieutenant Colonel Kauru[sK] of the RuneScape Division
-Lieutenant Colonel Nemisis[sK] of the XBox Division
-Lieutenant Colonel Numb[sK] of the Warrant Officer Division

Special Forces LeadersEdit

none as of 1/14/08


-Major Anti-Aid[sK]
-Major Blitzkrieg[sK]
-Major Ice[sK]
-Major Newbie[sK]
-Major ODiE[sK]
-Major Scwintz[sK]
-Captain Bulletsponge[sK]
-Captain Snipersteve[sK]
-Captain aZn-KiLLeR[sK]
-First Lieutenant 187schNake[sK]
-First Lieutenant Dood[sK]
-First Lieutenant MaianTrey[sK]
-Second Lieutenant Chase[sK]
-Second Lieutenant Genocide[sK]
-Second Lieutenant LightTang[sK]
-Second Lieutenant Seifer[sK]
-Second Lieutenant dArKbLaDz[sK]
-Second Lieutenant shaolinchad[sK]

Warrant OfficersEdit

-Chief Warrant Officer 5 1766[sK]
-Chief Warrant Officer 5 Pancake[sK]
-Warrant Officer 4 Scottstar[sK]
-Warrant Officer 4 Yunie[sK]
-Warrant Officer 3 Brandon[sK]
-Warrant Officer 3 troopers[sK]
-Warrant Officer 2 DaRkAsAsSiN[sK]
-Warrant Officer 2 Matthias[sK]
-Warrant Officer 2 The_Wrath[sK]
-Warrant Officer 2 Vortex[sK]
-Warrant Officer 2 v3nom[sK]
-Warrant Officer 1 BigBird[sK]
-Warrant Officer 1 Billy[sK]
-Warrant Officer 1 ChocoLatte[sK]
-Warrant Officer 1 Perfect[sK]
-Warrant Officer 1 Popeye[sK]
-Warrant Officer 1 Ryd-R[sK]
-Warrant Officer 1 Vincent 767[sK]
-Warrant Officer 1 Voltage[sK]
-Warrant Officer 1 Wise[sK]
-Warrant Officer 1 X-TheOnly-X[sK]
-Warrant Officer 1 XeroKnight[sK]
-Warrant Officer 1 hawk[sK]


-Sergeant Major -|BlaZe|-[sK]
-Sergeant Major FlatLine[sK]
-Sergeant Major bringdaruckus[sK]
-Sergeant Caleb[sK]
-Sergeant Eternal Abyss[sK]
-Corporal Itachi [sK]
-Corporal MajorPain[sK]
-Corporal Sanguine[sK]
-Corporal Sigma666[sK]
-Corporal bLaKoUt[sK]
-Corporal sic90civic[sK]
-Corporal spooky fishy[sK]
-Private First Class Antares[sK]
-Private First Class Maiden[sK]
-Private First Class S3mii[sK]
-Private First Class Shift[sK]
-Private First Class iZerG[sK]
-Private Enforcer[sK]
-Private Kish[sK]
-Private Ricardo[sK]
-Private uzare[sK]
-Private BU377IS1337[sK]


-Recruit Arsonist 007[sK]
-Recruit Deception[sK]
-Recruit Lil_Shawty[sK]
-Recruit Mc ROSS[sK]
-Recruit RoUs[sK]
-Recruit Torlon[sK]
-Recruit blackshadow[sK]
-Recruit hackishphp[sK]
-Recruit monoherido[sK]
-Recruit rto[sK]
-Recruit Anthony[sK]

This member list is not final and is up to date as of January 2, 2008. It will fluctuate on a daily basis due to daily promotions in the enlisted rankings, and recruitment into the Recruits.

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